Joke Books

Wit, wisdom and quotations for the female reader.

A book of jokes, stories and droll quotations with a masculine slant. (Pen name Vincent Furnier – google it)

These books started out as a commission by West One Publishing to write captions for cartoons and turned into a two book deal to source, create and edit gender-related jokes. Most jokes are badly written e.g. "There was this man who...." so I re-wrote them with clarity and without too much waffle.

Vincent Furnier is one of my WGGB-registered pen names. Google the name to find out why.

If you want to read these joke books, they are available on Amazon from time to time for the price of the postage and not much more.


A copywriting commission that turned into a two book deal.

The brief was to source and craft jokes, witticisms and quotations relating to male and female genders.

On the whole, the tone was to avoid vulgarity.


Writer & Editor


West One Publishing