Award-winning drama scriptwriting + film/theatre directing

One of many clapboards.

My current directing showreel which includes clips from dramas and documentaries as well as some brand work.

I've directed (and often produced) a long slate of short films and longer theatre plays usually from my own scripts. Check out my imdb page:

If you would like to commission me for film directing work, please use the Contact page of this website or email my agent Ian Taylor at Red Door Vision This work is kept quite separate from my copywriting commissions.

Scroll to the next text box for more information about my script and prose writing, and how to contact my literary agent.

This is a short film that I directed in May 2022 for Film Expo South after being one of the judges on the organisation's script competition. I also donated script editing as a sponsorship prize.

The poster for the Film Expo South short film.

The trailer for "Playing Away". The short is already on the festival circuit and has received one nomination so far.

One of three awards won by "Playing Away" in 2023.

"Playing Away" was nominated for Best Short Film but won this instead.

I'm an award-winning scriptwriter with a Masters degree in screenwriting from the London College of Communication (LCC).

The script for my feature drama debut as director is ready to read, and I'm developing several other TV and film projects with my literary agent Meg Davis at the Ki Agency. Several feature scripts have been optioned, and I'm working towards a feature length sports documentary with broadcaster Nick Heath.

I'm always interested in meeting new challenges and collaborators. Please contact Meg Davis about all script writing and prose commissions. meg at

Poster design by Paul Crane, image by India Roper-Evans

The trailer for "Put Away", a short film I completed as writer/director/producer - inspired by the isolation of the lock down. It's also proof of concept for a feature script.

This trailer is edited by John Hoare, cinematography by Alain Philippe Cross, sound design by John Wood, music by Henry Bird. Starring Carol Royle.

The film itself has won 17 awards so including for Editing, Best Short Foreign Language Film, Best Social Awareness Film, Best Actress (3) Jury's Award, Exceptional Merit, Best Performances, Best Lockdown Film Best Performance, Best Long Form Monologue, Best Short Drama, Best Film and Best of Festival - screening at multiple UK and international festivals.

Please contact me if you would like to watch the 10-minute monologue.

To see more of my short films, visit

Poster design by John Mundy, image by Julian Bajzert. A World War 1 poetry film commissioned and part funded by Directors UK and ARRI.

An award from Colorado for my WW1 Short film. It's now won eight awards.

An award for my short film “Home to the Hangers” (more info at One of 8 awards and many UK and international film festival selections.

The poster for this horror short was designed by John Mundy,

Trailer: “The Penny Dropped”. A short film completed October 2016. Camera Candida Richardson, Music Henry Bird, Editor Gary Tobyn. More info at
It won an Award of Merit in the One-Reeler Short Film Competition in the USA (2017), Best Sound Design in the Southampton International Film Festival ( 2017). Best Paranormal Horror (2018), Best Short Short (2018), and enjoyed a very successful circuit around international film festivals.

An award-winning historical short documentary that I directed and produced.

The trailer for "Writing the peace", edited by Gary Tobyn with music by Nina Humphreys. Winner of Best Documentary at the Dorking Film Festival in 2017 and Best Short Documentary at the US Presidents Film & Literary Festival in Ohio in 2018. Selected for the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival amongst others.

Poster design and image by Steve Jaipul. This short has won 5 awards and screened at many genre and general film festivals worldwide.

Ninja Warrior arrives in the UK...

These are stills for the original Japanese/USA version of “Ninja Warrior”. I wrote over 80 scripts of narration and ‘as live’ comedy commentary for the UK re-versioning (Challenge TV/Pintsize Pictures)


Over the last few years, I’ve become a scriptwriter and director creating a slate of short award-winning films (drama, documentaries, poetry and corporates) as well as longer theatre pieces on London fringe stages. You can find some information here but there’s more information and most of the films on my other site


Scriptwriter & Film Director


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