Audio Projects: Commercials & Drama Podcasts

The trailer for a 48-minute radio play that I wrote available via In June/July 2022, I'm working on another script for Towton Audio interviewing a pioneering woman scientist from history. It'll be available in the autumn.

This is the director (Laurel Parker top middle) with the cast of "What did you do in the war, Mama?' during the remote recording.

I've written, directed and often produced something like 1000 radio commercials with many in sales promotion. They are tremendous fun to do.

A 41-minute interview written as if this astronomer from the 1800s was still alive. Available here:

Recording of "Maria Mitchell" with Dale Raoul in the title role. . This is the second podcast I've written for Towton Audio.

New for 2024 I am commissioned to write three further historical audio dramas for Towton Productions podcasts.

My commercials show reel - I wrote all these, and with one exception, I directed and produced them too handling all clearances and providing traffic notes to radio stations.

These are just two of many show reels I have written to help actors showcase their vocal versatility. There are no limitations, no rules, no key marketing facts to include. I also produced and directed them too.

To contact Dorothy Lawrence, go to

To contact Rupert Baker, go to

Freelance scriptwriter on this commercial only for the new Betterlife store opening in Castle Vale Birmingham, broadcast on Smooth Radio and Heart in the West Midlands. Voiceover Tom Dussek. Worked with agency BeCurious!

I also created a series of 'on hold' audio for lottery players waiting to claim their prizes or contact Camelot the organisers of the British National lottery.

My short play "Goodbye Gamma 45" was commissioned in the 24-hour theatre challenged and performed by this festival online as an audio play. I've now developed it into a drama series idea.


I love the scenery in audio, the mind pictures. It’s why I’ve written and directed somewhere north of a thousand commercials over the years.

I’ve also created actors' showreels, and the latest foray is into podcast drama through Towton Audio.


Scriptwriter, and sometimes director


Brands and online podcasts