FMCG Posters: Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream

I've also worked on a wide variety of FMCG goods including:
Abbey Well mineral water – taxi sides
Benecol spreads
Ben’s Cookies
Cirrio Tinned Tomatoes – managing Clearcast clearance
Dairy Crest/Clover
Dairy Crest/Argento – radio commercials for Safeway promotion
Dairy Crest/Milk – advertorial in Sainsbury’s Magazine
Dress Italian – advertorials for pasta sauces and pestos
Fair Trade Dubble Chocolate Bar – DM
Filippo Berio Olive Oil – TV pitch
Flora Extra Rich – SP, press.
Friskies DM [Geronimo]
Hungarian Pork [for Hungarian agency]
Jaffa Oranges
Kingsmill Bread –SP, press, radio, POS
Maws Baby Food – press, advertorials
Nespresso 6 films about re-establishing the South Sudanese coffee industry, fronted by George Clooney
Nestlé – Ski Yoghurts – name development & straplines
Pedigree Pet foods – Winalot
Puffy Maize Popcorn – pack copy for new variants
Ramlösa mineral water – press ads
Ronesca Milk Formulas – exhibition stand copy lines
Royal Dutch Bacon - posters and press ads
Seccone & Speed – trade ads
Sunglo Foods – tropical fruit importers – trade press
Tassimo beverage maker – tone of voice
Tetley’s Bitter – SP, radio, sponsorship packs, posters, trade press. Winner of an ISP Award
Tetley’s Jade Garden Pineapple Tea - press
Tommy Tippee
Walls Ice cream – pitch
Whiskas – on pack promotions
Whitworths Sugar


A range of concepts for this established ice cream brand. These posters were designed to be mounted on supermarket trollies.


Conceptualisation & Copywriting