Multi-media campaign: British Museum exhibition

The poster that appeared on tubes and bus shelters

This exhibition was based around the sarcophagus of Nesperubnub, a priest in ancient Egypt. Rather than destroy the beautiful exterior of the coffin to see what was inside, the entire thing was put through a CAT scanner. There they discovered many scarabs, jewellry and lucky charms included inside the linen wrappings.

However, it became clear that poor Nesperubnub had been the victim of cowboy embalmers who, it was surmised by the experts, had rested his linen-wrapped head on an earthenware bowl. When they returned to check that the resin had hardened the linen wrappings, the bowl was stuck fast to the back of this head. Frantic chisel scrapes can be seen on the back of the head. Perhaps they decided that no one would ever know.

However, poor Nesperubnub has been left wandering around the afterlife with a bowl stuck on his head.

Leaflet and ticket – the stub of the ticket torn down the middle of the split image

Hanging posters around the Reading Room

Why have dull 3D glasses when you can have mummy ones?

The lower item is a table talker designed to prolong the visitors' stay in the cafés. The pyramid opened out to a square and laid flat to become a simple game based on the flip of a coin.

Other museum and leisure brands include:

BANK OF ENGLAND MUSEUM – leaflets, press

BRITISH MUSEUM – materials to promote exhibitions Buried Treasure exhibition, Sudan exhibition, Clore Exhibition Centre, Michelangelo drawings exhibition, plus corporate patrons leaflet, legacy brochure & DM (direct)

CITY VISITORS TOUR – posters and bus sides from the City of London Authority (Crescent Lodge)

HOUSE OF COMMONS – visitors’ guide (House of Commons Library)

YOUR PARLIAMENT – leaflet (House of Commons Library)

IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION – press, posters, radio

THE ARMY MUSEUM – press, posters

TOWER BRIDGE as a tourist attraction – press, posters

ROYAL ACADEMY – Thaw Exhibition – radio


An exhibition for the British Museum, one of their most successful. A precious sarcophagus belonging to the unprepossessing sounding Nesperubnub (a priest) was put through a CAT scan rather than be opened and damaged.

The brief included creating a name, visual concept, table talker/game, 3 D glasses and support materials. It was the first time all of the different items were coordinated to maximise the effect.

Top trivia: the CAT scan revealed that poor Nesperubnub had been the victim of cowboy embalmers. The poor soul was condemned to wander the Eygptian afterlife with an earthenware bowl stuck on his head.


Concepts and copy


British Museum


Integrated promotional pieces outside & inside the museum.