Radio Commercials

I particularly enjoy the 'theatre of the mind'.

I've written and directed (and often produced) many hundreds of radio commercials. In some cases, I've also handled all the electronic paperwork for the radio stations.

One of my biggest clients was Northcliffe Media for whom I created promotional commercials across their evening titles. Several of these are included on the showreel you can listen to here.

Aside from advertising, one of my radio dramas is currently being produced as a podcast through Towton Audio.

My showreel of sales promotion radio commericals. I particularly enjoy sales promotional work, and if it's on radio all the better.

Freelance scriptwriter on this commercial only for the new Betterlife store opening in Castle Vale Birmingham, broadcast on Smooth Radio and Heart in the West Midlands. Voiceover Tom Dussek. Worked with agency BeCurious!

My reel of sales promotion radio ads.


I love writing for radio. Have a listen…


Writer, director and producer


Radio Commercials