Ethical Healthcare Brochure: Vaculta Pumps

I've also worked on many other pharmaceutical and healthcare products as a conceptual healthcare writer rather than a clinical one.

• Aricept [Pfizer] 4 brochure/magazines for Alzheimer’s Disease sufferers and carers (Atlantis Healthcare)
• Adalat LA30 [Glaxo]- anti-hypertensive – DM (in-house)
• Aldactone [Glaxo] – press (in house)
• Afatanib [Boehring Ingelheim] – Oncology App for a ErbB-family blocker for cancers. For country reps to
update their product knowledge. (Woolly Pau)
• Aquamol [Thornton & Ross] – emollient for eczema– detail aid, patient leaflet, clinical overview, GP mailer
(Rainmaker )
• Beconase [Glaxo]– press ads, detail aids (in house)
• Bencard Vitamins [Glaxo] (in house)
• Betnovate & Eumovate [Glaxo] – topical steroids detail aid (in house)
• Boostrix [GSK] film scripts for whooping cough vaccine [Ogilvy Healthworld]
• Cerezyme [Genzyme] for Gaucher’s Disease (Rainmaker ) Pitch, won.
• Champix [Pfizer] –– stop smoking therapy (Ogilvy Healthworld)
• Ciproxin [Bayer] antibiotic – UK launch, press DM and sales support (O&M)
• Constella [Almirall] linaclotide (GCCA) IBS therapy. Internal messaging compendium and brand book for
product launch (Word/CDM, Barcelona )
• Eumovate [Glaxo] - detail aid (in house)
• Fersaday [Glaxo] iron tablets for anaemia (in house)
• Forceval Vitamins and minerals for hospital patients [Alliance] – pitch (Rainmaker) Launch of Effervescent
brand extension
• Forxiga [Bristol Myers Squibb] Patient scenario training films to help GPs assess a patient’s suitability for
this diabetic therapy. Multiple choice presentation. (Hive )
• Grisovin [Glaxo] – press (in house)
• Hytrin BHP (prostate/high BP) – pitch
• Mepilex [Molnlycke] – wound care – detail aids (Rainmaker)
• Methadone and Burprenorphine generics. [Thornton & Ross] – opiate replacement therapy. Detail aid,
press (Rainmaker)
• Neo-NaClex K [Glaxo] – detail aid (in house)
• Paramol 118 [Glaxo] (pre-OTC, in house)
• Rosemont liquid medicines [Thornton + Ross] – script for factory tour film (Rainmaker)
• Warfarin [Thornton + Ross] liquid form of generic – press ads (Rainmaker )


• LloydsPharmacy opticians – consumer promotions
• Optrex – consumer press, leaflets
• Alcon (MFCL) – finding the narrative from 120 pages of research data and turning it into a 5,000 white
paper (Haygarth)
• RENU contact lens solutions – trade promotions (STH)

Medical Devices & Equipment

• Biogel Surgical Gloves [Molnlycke] – DM to US surgeons, exhibition panels, detail aids (Rainmaker)
• Hibiscrub/Hibiclens [Molnlycke] – surgical hand cleanser – detail aids (Rainmaker)
• MiniCare [Philips] point of care blood diagnostic tool (Ogilvy Healthworld )
• Qutenza [Astellas ]– pitch for peripheral neuropathic pain treatment patches (Rainmaker) pitch
• Spiolto [Boehringer Ingelheim] COPD inhaler containing tiotropium and olodeterol. Implementation guide
and brand book


A brochure for Vaculta, a wound care product. This item is for healthcare professionals and procurement executives.


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