Direct Marketing: Clés du Duc Armagnac

The 3 mailers. The boxes measured about 18in square.

Mailer 1: Monday
D’Artagnan’s hat.

Mailer 1 scroll

Mailer 2: Wednesday
Cyrano de Bergerac’s nose.

Mailer 2 scroll
Note there’s still no indication of who the mailers are from

Mailer 3: Friday
A presentation box of the armagnac

Mailer 3 scroll


The Brief: To attract the attention of buyers attached to duty-free shops and non-duty free alcohol outlets at the UK ports. Each May, each of these outlets decide on a list of the products they will sell for the following 12 months. Every marketing manager in the alcohol trade wants to make that list.

Target Market: 24 buyers

The solution: A concept that linked famous characters from Armagnac. The three hand-made mailers were hand-delivered on a sequential Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not till the final box arrived, was the product revealed but the marketing department received enquiries on the Thursday.

The result: meetings with 18 out of the 24 buyers where there were many photos of the recipients wearing the hat and nose.


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